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Paddle Wanaka will be open for waterfront rentals and lake tours in Level 1
Here’s what we’re doing to help protect you:


  • We’re thoroughly clean our equipment after each use
  • Kayaks will be wiped after every use
  • PFDs will be used by one customer per day, and will be thoroughly cleaned each evening
  • Paddles will be disinfected after each use

Respecting your bubble

Our crew love to give a good safety briefing before helping you onto the water. We like to know you’re going to have a fun and safe paddle with us and we’re usually pretty hands on with how we do this. In Level 2, you’ll see the following changes from us so that we respect your bubble:

  • We’ll demonstrate how to put your PFD on safely, rather than fix it for you
  • We’ll explain how you get into your kayak to self launch, and how get out at the end without our assistance
  • We’ll ask you to pick up your paddle and PFD rather than handing it to you
  • We’ll have a clean and used section for our gear and will ask you to collect/drop off your gear to these areas so we can clean in

Contactless payment

There are several ways you can make payment to us:

  • Where possible, we’ll be recommending you pay by Paywave. We have an awesome remote banking system which allows us to do this
  • You can also book online via our website www.paddlewanaka.co.nz

Our crew will be healthy

The health and wellbeing of our crew is the most important thing to us:

  • We’ll have morning meetings to make sure our crew aren’t showing any key symptoms
  • We have hand sanitiser available at the desk for crew (and customers) to regularly use
  • We’ll ask you to keep 1m distance from us when you are signing in and when helping you get on the water

Adhering to government contact tracing guidelines

You will be using a pen:

  • We’ll be asking you to sign our waiver form which will include your phone number on here so that we can contact trace
  • The pen will be disinfected after each use

Maintaining our commitment to the environment

Paddle Wanaka want to help to keep you safe, as well as keep our commitment to our environment:

  • We won’t use disposable wipes. We’ll use rags to clean the kayaks and paddles which will be hot-washed at the end of each day.
  • We won’t use nasty chemicals near our waterways. We use Bio-Zyme cleaning products to keep you, and our waterways safe

Encouraging support within the Wanaka Community

This is a very unsettling time, and, as with a lot of the other awesome Wanaka Businesses, we’re changing our processes to help keep us all safe. This means that some of our new cleaning processes may mean it takes us a little longer to get you on the water. Be kind and have patience. It’ll be worth it.