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Our Environment

“Take a quiet walk with mother nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul” A.D. Williams.

Lake Wanaka is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake situated in the heart of the South Island.  Carved by glaciers and surrounded by the towering giants of the Southern Alps. Wanaka is a magical location to explore all facets of the outdoors and the tranquil nature of our environment!

Because we feel truly humbled to be surrounded by our epic landscape, we feel we need to commit to our environment and our local community. We believe in supporting a culture where “the greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it” (Robert Swan). 

As a result we feel part of a unique extended Wanaka Whanau, with our number 1 priority being the protection of our natural world.  
Here is a few examples of how Paddle Wanaka contributes to our local environment and community:

  • The cleaning and restoration of Ruby Island.
  • Helping young people learn to sail by volunteering at the Wanaka Yacht Club.
  • Encouraging and assisting schools and youth groups to participate in water sports wherever we can.
  • Support John Darby, a local biologist, in the Wanaka Grebe protection program – The Grebe Diary – by John Darby.
  • In addition to picking up rubbish and removing waste, we leave our beach better than we found it everyday. Everyday we contribute and do our part to ‘Keep Wanaka Beautiful’.
  • In order to prevent the spread of didymo we have precautionary measures in place.
  • Encourage our customers to take only photographs and leave only footprints
  • A staff policy banning the use of throw away cups.