Kayaking Instruction

Are you looking to advance your kayaking skills? Do you need specific one to one coaching or do you have any special requirements?

Whether your a recreational lake kayaker, or a white water enthusiast, here at Paddle Wanaka we have a special set of skills to increase your proficiency out on the water! Whether you’re just starting out and new to kayaking, or if you’re looking to advance your paddling skills on the river.

Our experienced instructors can provide a range of instruction and progression coaching, helping you set targets and achieve your goals. We offer instruction sessions in groups or if you need something more specific we can provide one to one coaching.

First of all we can help you understand water safety, rescue techniques, and boat balance. Whilst developing your stroke skills, we’ll also sharpen up your navigation skills and general savvy on the lake or river.

As a result we will develop your technique and confidence whilst out on flat water or the river with adventure based learning.

Paddle Wanaka takes education in our maritime environment very seriously. By developing your skills as an individual we can generate a safer ‘jungle’ for everybody in the elements.

Contact us for further details: info@paddlewanaka.co.nz


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December 2018 – Jo

I was in need of a grade two kayak certificate, having little experience playing around in fast moving water I also required tuition. I first got in contact with Andrea via email, she sorted me out with training days and the assessment day ( despite my ever changing requests ), with amazing efficiency and ease. At the beach front on the training and assessment days I always always greeted by a friendly, enthusiastic and helpful team. Then of course there was Tyler………. A totally awesome, enthusiastic and professional individual who was was a fountain of knowledge about fast flowing water, and teaching me how to run it whilst staying in my kayak ( most of the time ). The experience and love of what he does is obvious.
I would definitely use Paddle Wanaka again in the future, I can’t fault them.